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The new homepages: www.sznt.org 


The new homepages: www.sznt.org 


The new homepages: www.sznt.org 

As a result of the common will of the Szekler people, the Szekler National Council was created in order to represent the aspiration of the Szekler people for the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland. We would like to have regional self-government, freedom and the institutional guarantees of the collective rights. This will expressed by our community in a referendum has deep roots in the history of Szekler people's self-government and is in accordance with those values of the regional democracies which have to be the basis of the process of regionalisation in the member states of the European Union according to the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

Behind our legal and reasonable claim is our certainty that for us the one way to do it is the freedom. We are sure that with the benediction of the God, the Szekler self-government will develop our homeland, Szeklerland in a land of democracy where the citizens will have total and effective equality. For us this is the only possible and imaginable future.

We do not have secrets, everybody can see our aspirations and actions and the whole world can listen to our words!

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The new homepages: www.sznt.org