The prohibition of the notice boards with Szeklerland inscription means DISCRIMINATION!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Not to far from Zalatna (in Romanian Zlatna - Alba county) there is a notice board near the street indicating that we are on the land of Mots people (Ţara Moţilor). The notice board Ţara Moţilor indicates a region of Romania and the Romanian authorities did not ask the removal of the board as it happened in the case of Szeklerland notice board in Szeklerland. The fact of discrimination is evident: Ţara Moţilor is a region populated mainly by romanians, while Szeklerland mainly by Szekler-Hungarians. While the people in Ţara Moţilor can have the feeling of regional identity, those in Szeklerland are deprived of this. It was Mózes Gyula, the president of the Szekler Council of Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc – Szeklerland – Harghita county) who called the attention of the Szekler National Council to this discriminatory behaviour of the Romanian authorities at the meeting of the Szekler National Council on 25th of October 2008.

A delegation of the Szekler National Council (Izsák Balázs president, Incze Béla, Mózes Gyula and Waum Péter local leaders of the organisation) took a photo of the notice board of Ţara Moţilor on 9th of May 2009., and wreathed the monument of Ompolygyepű (Presaca Ampoiului – Alba county) which reminds 700 Hungarians killed by Romanians on 24th of October 1848. The tragedy of the Hungarians from Ompolygyepű hapened one week after the Szekler National Assembly in Agyagfalva (Lutiţa – Szeklerland – Harghita county) offered peace to the Romanians from Transilvania. „Romanian and Saxon brothers, fellow-citizens! We would like to have peace and freedom in this country and to enjoy together the fruits of it.” – stands on the memorial tablet of Agyagfalva. Mózse Gyula proposed the wreathing of the monument in Ompolygyepű at the same time with the commemoration in Agyagfalva remembering in this way the events and hoping that the democratic and legal aspirations of the Szekler people will have a normal, broad and open minded reception among the Romanians.

May 12th, 2009