Call to support the Great March of the Szeklers!

Written by .Gazda Zoltan


As the Romanian government didn’t give any answer to the Petition adopted on The Day of the Szekler Freedom in Marosvásárhely/Targu-Mures, the Szekler National Council is going to organize a major event on the 27th of October for the cause of the Autonomy of Szeklerland and against the regionalization plans of the government, that ignores the will of the Szekler people.
It is very important to show to the Romanian government and to the world, in a peaceful but determined way, that we are not going to give up our goals. For this reason it is very important the number of the people that will participate at the Great March.
As there are many people who would like to participate, but who do no have sufficient money to pay for the transportation, and neither the Szekler National Council has founds to finance buses that will transport people from different szekler settlements to Háromszék (where the march will be organized), we call the people of  Szeklerland, but also supporters of the cause of an autonomous Szeklerland, wherever they live, to send us donations for this purpose. This can be done by bank transfer (see the details below), or by PayPal, through the website of the Szekler National Council. Just press “DONATE” at the bottom of the page!
Any donation is welcome, and we will make public regularly the amount of the income.

Here is the data needed for the bank transfer:
Bank account owner: Asociatia Siculitas Egyesület
City: Targu-Mures
Account nr.:
RON: RO76 OTPV 3200 0036 0774 RO01
EUR: RO33 OTPV 3200 0036 0774 EU01
USD: RO90 OTPV 3200 0036 0774 US01
HUF: RO80 OTPV 3200 0036 0774 HU01
GBP: RO19 OTPV 3200 0036 0774 GB01

Balázs Izsák,
President of the Szekler National Council