Wednesday, 04 February 2009


The autonomy, including the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland as well, means the institutional guarantee of the community rights of the Hungarians from Romania. The autonomy does not go against the territorial integrity of Romania and does not offend the interests of the Romanians. The different kind of minority autonomies well functioning inside the European Union as institutions of the democracy can be examples for Romania how the principle of subsidiarity is put into practise in a european manner.

If Romania fulfills his international commitments and together with the administrative reform realises the real decentralisation of the country, it will be inevitable the creation of the autonomy institutions destinated for the minorities.

Accordingly is incomprehensible and unacceptable the statement of President Traian Băsescu: never will be autonomy in Szeklerland. The statement is equivalent with: never will be democracy in Romania. The institutions of different forms of autonomy are required by the Hungarians from Romania uniformly, without refference to their political parties, and they will realise it together, in alliance with all those political forces who want real democracy.

The declaration of the president goes contrary even to the report of a technical committee appointed by himself because the report of this committe, on the political and constitutional order of Romania, contains a lot of reform proposals which fit with the proposal of the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland or even more this kind of autonomy follows from some of those proposals of the committe.

For us the autonomy is the only acceptable future. In favour of this we would like to have dialogue and cooperation worthy to the basic values of the european civilisation.

Szász JenőIzsák Balázs
President of the Hungarian Civic PartyPresident of the Szekler National Council