Reaffirmation of the mandate of Attila Dabis Ph.D.

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Attila Dabis Ph.D., Foreign Affairs Commissioner of the Szekler National Council has been barred from entering Romania for three years, due to unspecified national security reasons. This measure is a violation of the right of citizens of the European Union to freedom of movement, it is completely unfounded, illegal, unconstitutional and in violation of fundamental human rights.

Attila Dabis Ph.D., represented Szeklerland’s autonomy aspirations at the international level, on behalf of the Szekler National Council. All of his actions and initiatives are in line with the generally accepted norms of international law and do not, in any way violate the constitutional order of Romania. Quite the contrary, their purpose is to help the Romanian authorities break away from the harmful and dangerous legacy of the Ceausescu regime.

Considering all the above, I believe it is necessary and essential to reaffirm Attila Dabis's foreign affairs mandate on behalf of the Szekler National Council:


I hereby entrust Attila Dabis Ph.D., to continue representing Szeklerland's autonomy as he did before, in international relations, in European and other international fora.

I hereby entrust Attila Dabis Ph.D. to represent the interests of the Szekler people, to keep track of the news and to address all unlawful acts that affect the Szekler community.

I entrust him personally, but I am convinced that all the delegates of the Szekler National Council stand by him as well, with their moral encouragement, and we will do our best to ensure that the legal remedies he initiated will turn out successful, and we will be able to solemnly greet him once again as soon as possible, here, in Szeklerland.



April 4, 2018, Marosvásárhely

Balázs Izsák

President of the Szekler National Council


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