Announcement regarding the registration of the .SIC domain

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.sicOn the initiative of the Szekler National Council it was managed the visualization of Szeklerland in the virtual space. The ICANN, the highest organization responsible for the supervision and allocation of the domain names, in its communication of 13th of May accepted the .SIC highest level domain name as abbreviation of SICULITAS. So, from the first quarter of 2010 this could be the own internet domain name of Szeklerland. The translation of „Siculitas” today means „Szekler people”, but in the Hungarian administration of the Middle Ages the meaning was „ a community with self-government and freedom rights”. With the choice of this domain name the Szekler National Council would like to express not only a regional identity but also the historical roots of the Szekler freedom.

The own internet domain name of Szeklerland makes it possible that from the first quarter of 2010 self-governments, institutions, companies, private individuals in Szeklerland use for their internet addresses the .sic termination. The Szekler National Council considers as an important step of the autonomy aspirations, a victory the fact that Szeklerland appears as an independent entity on the net among countries, autonomous regions and cultural communities. Beyond that the new domain name could be a symbol of unity for the Szeklers all around the world because they will have the opportunity to use for their internet addresses the .sic termination. The ICANN accepted the highest domain name .sic for Szeklerland together with other nine regions’ domain names. So, Szeklerland appeared in the news together with Quebec, Scotland, Bretagne, Cornwall, England, Wales, Leon, Basque country and Galicia. The Szekler National Council could decide in his next session to propose the SIC abbreviation for the international marking of Szeklerland. 

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